LinuxCon 2016 Dublin

In the fall I attended LinuxCon 2015 in Dublin, Ireland as part of my internship at The Linux Foundation and I also gave a presentation on the results of my work in the IIO Dummy Driver, which went out of the staging area after the summer.

There were three days of technical presentations, with a Keynote Presentation in the end of each day and several receptions for chat and interaction in the evening.

I was most interested in the Linux Kernel presentations, but I noticed there were a lot of IoT and Cloud services presentations, since these represent some of the trends in administration lately.

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The illustrated guide to Linux first patch

Step 1: Standards and practices

alt text

Everything you have to know for working on the Linux Kernel has been created by Linus Torvalds. That is the Linux Kernel itself and git.

Oh.. almost everything. Linus seemed content with the C programming language.

Linux kernel is currently under a mixture of code following C89/C90 and C99 standards. By taking a look into the Makefiles you’ll find the majority compiling with -std=gnu89, that is to say they are using the C89/C90 standard with some extensions.

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IIO Kernel Development, From zero to hero

Hi, I am Cristina and I’m doing an internship at The Linux Foundation this summer, as part of the Outreachy program, for which I’ve been selected.

I haven’t been involved too much into open source development and I’ve always wished to be, so that when I heard the program was opened, I saw it as the perfect chance to start contributing and be part of a community.

The process of selection lasted from the end of February until April, time in which I’ve got accustomed with the work environment, kernel development practices and wrote a few patches for a project I liked. I did my best in trying to know the project as much as I could and finally got accepted!

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Hello, world!

This is my first blog entry!